Al Kavadlo Fall 2011 Update

I’ve been busy these last few months, but a lot of exciting things are happening!

First off, I’ve started writing my second book (that’s why you haven’t been seeing as many updates here on my blog).

The new book will include several specific workout routines as well as everything you’ll ever need to know about pull-ups, dips and muscle-ups – plus much more!

In the meantime, make sure you grab a copy of my first book!

In other news, I’m on the cover of the current issue of My Mad Methods Magazine! I’m also featured here, here and here.

Of course there’s also Convict Conditioning 2, which will be out on paperback next month. If you can’t wait that long, you can download the e-book right now!

Plus there is my newest workout video, shot by photographer/videographer Colleen Leung.

For those of you who are new here, this video will give you a good idea of what I’m all about. For those of you who’ve been keeping up with me for a while, it also includes a few variations of moves that you’ve never seen from me before!

Check it out and let me know what you think:

40 thoughts on “Al Kavadlo Fall 2011 Update

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  • By Noël Ward -

    That’s great news. I look forward to seeing your book.

    I just picked up Convict Conditioning 2 and I love the twist holds! I surprised myself by nailing the L-holds on the first try but the twist holds are deceptively challenging.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Noel!  The twist holds are deceptively challenging indeed!

  • By Seamus McGuinness -

    cool pushup variations Al! Keep up the inspirational goodness bro. Any tips on the muscleup to front lever back to muscleup? 

  • By Jim Arkus -

    I don’t understand how you were able to do any of that without wearing your red jacket.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Haha – you got me! 

      • By Jim Arkus -

        Did you make the music for this one?  That guitar tone is absolutely disgusting – I LOVE it!

        • By Al Kavadlo -

          Haha – thanks, Jim!  I did in fact write, perform and record the music myself!

  • By John Ricci -

    Sweet on the book Al,

    Can we Pre Order?

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, John!  No pre-order yet, but there might be one close to the release.

  • By Trui2ptv -

    great video
    but not the smile

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Some people like my smile.  🙂

    • By Nelly -

      That person is crazy.  Al, never stop smiling.

      • By Al Kavadlo -

        Thanks, Nelly!

  • By Francis -

    Looking forward to the new book and routines!  I still love the barbell but as time moves forward I’m finding my training incorporates more bodyweight movements than ever before.  Keep up the good work!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Francis!  I’ve got nothing against barbells!

  • By Anil -

    This is great news Al. I look forward for your new book. Your first book is a great one.

    And the video is also killer one with the strong moves combined with the hard guitar tones 🙂

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Anil!  I’m working hard to make the new book even better than the first!

  • By Anonymous -

    Very inspiring video! Love that smile at the end.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, braindropz!

  • By JaKjylben -

    Wow.. Always impressive and inspiring ..

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Joy!

  • By Etienne -

    Muscle up to front lever = beast
    Archer to muscle up = thats getting ridiculous ! Sick video

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Etienne!  Those are two of my favorite moves!

  • By zarr42 -

    Al – I can do a proper pistol; I can even manage one with my hands behind my head on a good day. But how on earth do you manage to do them with your hands behind your waist?! Any tips, or do I have to wait for the book?

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      It’s a very challenging variation – I can only do a couple like that myself!  Keep practicing.

  • By DJE -

    Great video!  Liked the turn-overs and the little pattern of plyometric pushups, and the hands behind the back pistol is something I definetly to build to. Thanks for you do Al.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, DJE – Keep training hard!

  • By Cwilson115 -

     hey al when do you think your second book will be coming out just read your first one an loved it.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks!  I’m hoping to have the second one out by June 2012.

  • By Mark -

    Hey Al. Cool photo in the doorway. Messing around on buildings like that led to me getting into rock climbing with a few mates for a couple of years, fitness for fun and free of routines. Something I have been rediscovering, inspired by your book and blog. Looking forward to your next book, I’m inspired by the more gymnastic bodyweight moves, wil the routines in your new book show a path to achieving some of your more acrobatic feats?

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Mark!  Yes, the new book will include in-depth progressions on everything from basics like pull-ups and dips to more advanced moves like muscle-ups and front levers.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Mark!  Yes, the new book will include in-depth progressions on everything from basics like pull-ups and dips to more advanced moves like muscle-ups and front levers.

  • By Nunh -

    Love the ending – 🙂

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Nunh!

  • By Anilkorol -

    Hi Al,

    I want to ask you something. I try hard and keep working hard to achive a muscle up. It has been 3 months since I started bodyweight training. I am now able to 12 pull ups, 6 very deep dips, 12 full hanging leg raises (no help of momentum or etc).  You remember I was unable to do a single dip?   And I also started work with weights on my ankles. I do pull ups, dips, hanging leg raises with those weights.

    Now my question is, I came to a very nice level on my own I believe. And a few days ago I made a visit to a gym.  I wonder if weight training would help me achive the mscle up?  I know that I must concantrate on the present and do not focus on the future progression. That is what you say on your book.  But I just must make a decision.  If you say that gym and weight traning would help to get stronger at calisthenics I will pay the money and buy the membership.

    As a very experienced person what is your oppinion about this?  I need you advice.  If you say I must keep on bodyweight training to be good at calisthenics, I will do that.


    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Hey Anil – Lifting weights can make you stronger but it will not help you achieve a muscle-up.  Muscle-ups are an advanced move!  Be patient.  I lifted weights for a looooong time before I ever learned to do one and I still struggled in the beginning like anyone else.  Besides, you just told me you’ve gotten much stronger through calisthenics!

      • By Anilkorol -

        Thanks for your answer.  Yes I got much stronger through calisthenics. That’s for sure.  So, I keep on working calisthenics and make my way to the muscle up.  But I still need a closed area. Because it is getting very cold hear. Last night it was -8 C (-17,6 F). And I cannot concantrate well at home when everybody is around. So I think I still must buy the membership.

        I went to the gym again and asked them if I can make a test of the place. And they said sure. So I made 3 hours of free sports there.  I inspected the place in detail. They have a dip station. This is nice. They have pull up bars but not the regular type ones. Those pull up bars have some kind of strange shape. One of them consists of two almost L shaped seperate short bars, I think you know what I mean. They are fixed on one of the huge gadgets there. But the ceiling is too low that it is impossible to do a mucle up. But since there is a long way for me for the mucle up, this is not an issue right away. Those kind of strange looking bars are almost on every weight lifting insturnment. They have an open area for jumping ropes, doing push ups, warming up, etc.  The overall place is good. There is also a half olympic swiming pool. This is also a positive thing.  Maybe I can swim for the cardio part of my work out. This would be nice?

        So I still consider buying the membership yet not very sure. It will surely help me pass the harsh winter conditions.

        Calisthenics becomes an addiction for me Al!


        • By Al Kavadlo -

          Sounds good, Anil – you have my blessing to join.  There is nothing wrong with having a gym membership and the pool is certainly a nice bonus!

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