April 2013 Update

In anticipation of the paperback release of my new book, Pushing The Limits! – Total Body Strength With No Equipment, I’ve been making the rounds on the internet fitness scene.

Since my last update, I’ve written new articles for Bodybuilding.com as well as T-Nation, plus I designed a series of workout routines for followers of Tribesports.

There’s also this piece I wrote for the PCC blog about my experiences in the fitness industry.

If that’s not enough, I’m the featured coach this month on Breaking Muscle. Look for lots of content over there from me during the next few weeks.

We’re Work(shop)ing Out!
The inaugural PCC workshop this June has sold out and a second PCC in St. Paul has been confirmed for the weekend of August 23-25. Additional PCC workshops in other cities will be announced in the weeks and months to come.

Danny and I are also leading a couple of smaller, non-certification workshops on the East Coast this month. We’ll be at Nimble Fitness in NYC on April 14 and we’ll be in Milford, Connecticut for two workshops on April 28th. There are still spots open for these workshops.

I’ll also be hosting a book release party for Pushing The Limits! on April 26th in NYC.
Click here for all the details.

Plus I’ve got two new videos for you to check out!

12 thoughts on “April 2013 Update

  • By Sam J -

    Love the update Al! Vids look great, particularly your new lever!! Following your lead over here in the UK with my personal training business and bodyweight training. In fact I’ve recently managed a flag on a straight bar. Still really inspired by your work, hoping to make a similar impression over here! All the best.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Sam! Keep spreading the word about bodyweight training!

  • By Gabriel Pieren Salazar -

    Hey Al!

    i love everything to do! Your posts, your videos, your books…

    But now I wanted to congratulate you for your music. I like the one you are playing in your last videos!

    By the way, a month or two ago, I started a blog about strength training, and i am starting to upload videos to youtube. For beginners i am exclusevely recommending calisthenics for now. You have been a great source of inspiration for me, and I have learned a lot from you.

    Thank you for your awesome work!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Gabriel! I’m definitely experimenting a bit with the music – glad you dig it. Best of luck with your blog!

  • By John Matthewman -

    Thanks for sharing the 5×5 bodyweight workouts you’ve put together, Al! I’m going to have a go at it. I’m probably somewhere in between beginner and intermediate right now, as I haven’t really tried doing any kind of one-legged squats yet. Also, the pike push up is new to me. So those two parts alone should be challenge enough to keep me busy for quite a while. (This is, of course, assuming that I’m actually able to do the beginner 5×5 workout with relative ease first! Perhaps I shouldn’t be concerning myself with the intermediate exercises just yet…)

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, John! One step at a time; one rep at a time.

  • By Ascendant -

    Awesome as ever Al! You’ve become superhuman as of late, impressive strength! Loved the books, and the recent posts on T-Nation and Bodybuilding.com! Any way to talk you into doing a TRX specific workout (crosses fingers)?? Your creativity + TRX versatility = amazing!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks! The TRX is a great tool – maybe I’ll do a post about it at some point. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • By Michael U -

    Hey Al,

    I am pleased to see your work as it reaches new heights. How are your pull-ups doing? Since I live on the taller side of the spectrum (6’5″), the bars in my area are next to impossible to use comfortably. Luckily, the ceiling in my apartment is pretty high, and I pull myself up into the attic while clinging to the ledge. Awesome callus on the proximal phalangial part of each and every finger!
    But let’s get to the point: Have you ever incorporated pull-ups with a flat surface/ledge to grip instead of a bar? If so, what were your experiences?

    Kind regards,

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Hey Mike – Thanks for the message! Yes I have done pull-ups on a ledge. There is a demonstration in Raising The Bar.

  • By dhairya -

    I read pavels ‘the naked warrior’. his theory is exactly inverse of yours and convict conditioning theory. he tells to do hardest exercise and for less than 5 reps every week. doesnt that create microtrauma for long run? It creatrs strength but dose it not make us week after long time? currently i am following convict conditioning featuring you. You were amazing…!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks for the compliment! Different coaches have different philosophies – find what works for you.

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