We're Working Out! in LA

I’m always on the hunt for cool new places to train outdoors, so while visiting my friend Mike Lieberman in LA a few weeks back, I made sure to hit up the world famous “Muscle Beach” in Venice.

With pull-up bars, parallel bars and rings for bodyweight training on the sand, and barbells and other gym equipment in a nearby area by the pavement, the set-up there has the best of both worlds.

Leave the Fire Behind
While it was great to check out Muscle Beach, the beach in Santa Monica has a workout area that I liked even better!

In addition to pull-up bars and parallel bars, Santa Monica had some new toys for me to try out! It was a lot of fun swinging around on the rings and going up the rope climb, though both were harder than I expected. Working out at this fantastic free gym right on the sand at the beach reminded me a bit of my recent workout at Coney Island.

All in all, my visit to LA was a blast! Here’s a few more photos from my trip. If you want to see the rest of them, join the facebook fanpage!

Watch the video below and check back later this week for more from my LA visit.

21 thoughts on “We're Working Out! in LA

  • By Mattman -

    I NEED to live in America when I’m earning the big monies πŸ˜€

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” – Al Pacino as Tony Montana πŸ™‚

  • By Nelly -

    We need to get something like that over on the East Coast! Looks like an absolute blast πŸ˜€

    By the way, you should be happy that I did in fact start eating meat again, after almost 12 years without it. Found out right off the bat that I have no idea how to COOK meat properly, but the eating part went just fine!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Congrats on reuniting with meat! Just like doing a solid pull-up, cooking a steak just right takes some practice. I’m sure you’ll be cooking up a storm soon enough!

  • By John -

    We need rings…. That looked real fun…

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      I’d love to find a ring set-up like this one somewhere in NYC. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  • By Kane Augustus -

    What did it take for you to become a personal trainer, Al? I mean, other than being in supreme shape, did you have to licence, or certify in some way?

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  • By Dragonmamma -

    That video makes me long for some rings to play on; there’s nothing like that around here. Also makes me long for a warm, sunny day and beach sand.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      I could sure go for a warm, sunny day myself. I’ve been back in NYC long enough now to have pretty much forgotten what they feel like.

  • By Mike Lieberman -

    Glad you had the chance to come up and get your workout in. Gotta make your way back out here in the summer.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Fo shizzle! (That’s how people talk in LA, right?)

  • By Aussiefishman -

    Tony Horton of P90X fame works out at Santa Monica Beach every Sunday when he’s home. It is a great workout facility in a fantastic setting. I liked climbing the double rope but didn’t have the nerve to climb the tall one. You shimmied up it like a pro!

    The rings look like fun too. The day I was there a guy was swinging on them for about 10 minutes. That must require incredible arm and grip strength. Thanks for sharing this video with us.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Aussiefishman! The rings were a blast. And yeah, I saw some guys with some serious ring skills down there!

  • By Ajcurly -

    A playground for adults…..awesome. I’m going to Tampa, Florida in a month to get a tattoo worked on, hopefully I can find something like that down there. I liked the people in the background pointing at you….lol. Nice workout!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      I’m sure you can find somewhere cool to workout in Florida. And yeah, I tend to attract attention just about everywhere I go!

  • By Chia Evers -

    Had I stumbled across your blog a month ago, instead of early this morning, I would have come down to say hi. The beach bike path through Venice and Santa Monica is one of my favorite things about LA.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Hey Chia – welcome to my blog! There is are tons of videos and articles here to keep you busy until I make my way back to LA.

      • By Chia Evers -

        Thank you! I subscribed to the RSS feed after about the fourth article I read this morning. I like your style. πŸ™‚

  • By Bill Dunks -

    Hey Al,
    I know this is an older post at this point, but I just discovered your page through your writing at T-Nation. I love your work. I wanted to say that I grew up at Santa Monica beach (surfing, lounging and occasionally working on this equipment–one of my surfing friends was a gymnast). I’m curious…did you get up nad back on those rings? I tried many times in my teens and couldn’t get it. I’d love to train for it and try again.
    Thanks for the blog,

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