We're Working Out! at East River Park

June 8, 2011 // Al Kavadlo

Between the skyscrapers and the scaffolding, New York City also happens to have a lot of great public parks.

While Tompkins Square Park is still my number one place to practice bodyweight training, NYC’s East River Park is another great place to get a fun workout.

Not only does East River Park have pull-up and dip bars, it also has a quarter mile running track, tennis courts and more!

East River Park runs along the FDR parkway from Houston St. to E. 10th street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

I recently met up with my friends Rick Seedman and Mark Leitz of the Bar-barians for a workout at East River Park – and what a workout it was! We did the usual push-ups, pull-ups and dips, as well as muscle-ups, L-sits, levers and more. Having great training partners keeps me motivated to continue pushing my boundaries.

Watch the video below to see some highlights from our workout: