Raising The Bar DVD

I’m very excited to announce the release of my new Raising The Bar DVD!

The DVD features all the essential exercises from my book Raising The Bar as well as some new variations.

In addition to detailed demonstrations and instructions, the DVD also includes new musical montages featuring the Kavadlo brothers signature brand of freestyle calisthenics.

The DVD is available through Dragon Door Publications as well as in the new Al Kavadlo store. (Check out the new shirts in the store too!)

Here’s what people are saying about the DVD:

“With Raising The Bar, Al Kavadlo has put forth the perfect primal pull-up program. Al’s progressions and demonstrations make even the most challenging exercises attainable. Anyone who is serious about pull-ups should get this DVD.”

– Mark Sisson, Author of The Primal Blueprint

“This DVD is the ultimate training course on bar athletics, masterminded and presented by the man who—for my two cent’s worth—is the greatest calisthenics coach alive today. Raising the Bar is motivational and looks cool as hell, but more important than that, it’s an incredible source of instruction.”

– Paul Wade, Author of Convict Conditioning

“Al Kavadlo consistently puts out the best info on calisthenics and bodyweight training. The book Raising the Bar is a killer introduction into the world of the Bar Athlete. Now with the release of the accompanying DVD, Al has truly raised the bar to a whole new level. The DVD combines solid info along with fun and entertainment, as only Al can.”

– Mike Fitch, Founder of Global Bodyweight Training

“Al’s unique coaching style really shines through on the Raising the Bar DVD. The clear cut progressions are fantastic for both men and women at all levels—from working towards a first pull up, to mind-bogglingly difficult muscle-up variations. There is absolutely something for everyone on this DVD.”

– Adrienne Harvey, Owner of Girya Girl Fitness

Watch the sneak preview of the DVD below and click the link to get your copy:

21 thoughts on “Raising The Bar DVD

  • By Andy Fossett -

    There’s really just one thing to say to this: hell yes.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Andy!

  • By Klaus -

    Hey Al, I am following your blog for a while now and I also got the “Raising the bar” book. Are you planning to make the DVD available as a download, too? I live in Germany and the delivery is unnecessary costly…

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Hey Klaus – We may release it as a digital download at some point but it likely won’t be for a few months. If you order from my store, the shipping isn’t all that bad though: https://alkavadlo.com.gridhosted.co.uk/raising-the-bar-dvd/

      • By Klaus -

        Hey Al, yeah, you are right. Just wanted to order, but as soon as your site proceeds me to paypal it all the sudden says 2 x We’re working out Paperback instead of 1 x Raising the bar DVD… There must be some kind of bug… I’d really love to order the DVD, but it just doesn’t work. Tried it two times…

        • By Al Kavadlo -

          Thanks for the heads up! I guess we’ve still got a few kinks to work out with the store!

  • By Rob Kimble -

    I should have asked for you to autograph my copy!!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Oh well…If we get to meet in person someday I’ll make sure you get my autograph. Have you watched the DVD yet?

      • By Rob Kimble -

        I have not received it in the mail yet, I’m hoping it arrives today!

        • By Rob Kimble -

          The DVD was amazing, Al! It goes so in depth in so many different exercises, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

          • By Al Kavadlo -

            Thanks, Rob! I hope everyone who watches it feels the same way!

  • By Kyle Gulo Moro -

    Hey Al, just wanted to let you know i think you are amazing. I constantly check your site for new posts and such and always find the material interesting. As a bodyweight enthusiast, you’re officially my go-to-guy. So i just bought your DVD as a little xmas present to myself but i don’t think i will be able to wait till xmas to watch it. Thanks a lot man!!!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Kyle! Hope you like the DVD!

  • By Mike B -

    Does this DVD include pushing/pressing exercises too? I don’t know what to believe sometimes about muscular imbalances I see written in books like Overcoming Gravity and Building the Gymnastic Body, etc. as well as how complicated they make it out to even get a darn routine started!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      I hear ya – that’s why I try to keep my stuff simple and to the point. And yes there is a section of the DVD dedicated to handstands and HSPUs for antagonistic balance.

  • By patrick -

    Al Will the 100 meter sprint a few seconds?
    I want to practice speed

    • By Al Kavadlo -


  • By Hakim -

    Just ordered my copy, cant wait, i think it will be a good complement to the book. Thanks Al you are such a motivation. Do you think it can be signed ? Thanks Again

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Right on, Hakim! I’ll see what I can do about the autograph…

  • By Logan Murphy -

    Still on the wish list unfortunately! Looking to pic it up soon though! In the meantime, keep doing your thing Al!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Logan!

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