More Human Flag!

January 27, 2010 // Al Kavadlo

Human flag with legs tuckedEditors Note: Click the words Human Flag Training for a newer, more thorough post on this topic.

The human flag is one the greatest tests of strength known to mankind. Some people would see that as something to shy away from.

I see it as a challenge!

The textbook form for a human flag involves keeping your arms straight and you body parallel to the ground. Like this guy.

On the way there, easier variations (flag with tucked legs, higher angle, etc) can act as precursors to the textbook flag position.

While I believe that everyone has the potential to perform at least some variation of a human flag, most people will be convinced that it is impossible for them upon their first attempt.

However, if you endeavor with patience and dedication, that which was once deemed impossible can become reality!

Watch the clip below to see more of my human flag training: