17 thoughts on “Convict Conditioning Two Promo Video

  • By Jim Arkus -

    I love your brother, but he terrifies me.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Well then you better do like he said and download the ebook.  🙂

      • By Jim Arkus -

        Well played!

  • By Luiz Fabiano -

    Brother! Eu sou do Brasil, acompanho todos os seus videos e postagens no website, tenho que dizer, estão de parabens, condicionamento exemplar! Estou iniciando meu treinamento para melhorar minha saúde que anda bem prejudicada devido ao sedentarismo, seus videos são grandes inspirações, em breve comprarei seus e-books!
    Grande abraço!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Muito obrigado, Luiz!

  • By Helgo -


    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Helgo!

  • By Leigh -

    Al, my name is Leigh, I’ve been a member of the Dragon Door forum oh, about five years (since before the first Coach Wade book came out). Since the book came out I’ve spoken to probably hundreds of people who have benefitted from it. (As well as two or three people who knew Paul Wade from his days in jail…even one person who met him!)

    I eventually bought the first book and still love it. I have bought the second book as an e-book and cannot wait to try the flag steps! That book led me to your site–very professional and informative it is, too.

    I just wanted to send you a brief message applauding you for your wonderful work on this book (I understand you co-wrote some parts). You have done a truly magnificent job. This book has set a new standard for bodyweight training. I have no doubt this book will be inspiring people to perfoorm flags and bridges for generations to come!

    Leigh F, Brighton, UK

    ps. Your brother looks like an A-Team villain. Rather intimidating. 😉

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thank you so much for your comment, Leigh.  It’s good to hear from others who believe Paul Wade is a real person! 

      I agree that the CC books are a landmark work in strength training which will stand the test of time.  I feel very fortunate to have been involved with this one!  Let me be very clear, however: Paul Wade wrote the entire book.  He consulted with me about the specific progressions for the flag but I didn’t directly write a word of it.  The manuscript was actually pretty much done before he even contacted me.

      By the way, Danny is actually a really nice guy in person.

    • By Gary -

      DD Forum member? commenting on this!  you must be joking! they publish the book, LOL!

      Let’s face it until we see pics of  “Paul Wade” and a confirmation of who he is then this whole thing smells bad.

      Maybe if someone could come up with somewhere where we can reach him and ask him some questions?

      I’m not holding my breath.

      • By Sroysm -

        just stop all the crap…and why not enjoy the benefit the good information in the book for good

  • By Christina -

    Just when I think you can not get any more amazing. 🙂

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Thanks, Christina!  But there’s still room for me to grow.  🙂

  • By AJ -

    Hi Al, great video… very inspring. I bought CC1 a year ago and CC2 a couple of weeks ago… Progress has been great, I’m rocking on the progressions in CC1, and have started working on some of the progressions in CC2! 

    When I look at you and your brother, I can’t stop wondering how you both maintain such low body fat percentage? I tend to be somewhere around 12%, and it takes real effort effort (diet-wise) to maintain a lower one. Is it something you do consciencely and just work through? Did you ever have to cut down to your current level, which you’ve been able to maintain? Do you cover your diet-thoughts in your book?

    I’ve read through the diet chapter in CC2, and frankly I like Wade’s approach. Very common sense-like. I would like to weigh a little less, and create a lower maintainance level.

    Hope you understand my point in the questions:-) Keep up the good videos, they are VERY motivational. Just watching you and your brother do some of these crazy exercises is so inspiring. Thank you for that!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Hey AJ – thanks for your comment.  I’m glad to hear that Danny and I have inspired you!

      I talk a bit about diet in my book and I’ve also written about it here on my blog.  Check out the “diet and lifestyle” link in the categories section to the right.  —>

  • By Mike -

    Hi Al, love your work and your book. Have been inspired to try and get to the human flag myself, am using the tips and your photos from CC2. Don`t know if it`s possible, but am trying to work up to the full flag within 3 months. Am blogging my progress and would really appreciate your thoughts if you get a chance. http://flabtoflag.blogspot.com
    Keep up the cool work!

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Hey Mike – cool website!  I love the name flab to flag, though three months is an ambitious timeline.  Best of luck on your journey.  I look forward to your updates.

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