My MMA Workout w/ Matt Ruskin

Kettlebell rowEverybody needs training–even me.

Luckily, I got to be on the other end of a training session recently–with Matt Ruskin, an MMA fighter, ex-marine, and all around badass.

Matt took me a bit out of my element by giving me an MMA (mixed martial arts) style workout. As he points out, “MMA training challenges your equilibrium by constantly making you switch from being on the ground to being on your feet.”

The exercises we did all involve explosive changes in direction, and when all was said and done, I was pretty beat.

Watch the video below to see how it went:

7 thoughts on “My MMA Workout w/ Matt Ruskin

  • By ashleycarr -

    Wooooooooow!! That's insane. Matt is so badass. You guys both rock! Hell yeah for hardcore fitness!

  • By Al Kavadlo -

    Thanks, Ashley. You're pretty hardcore yourself, ya know!

  • By phattrainer -

    That Teddy Ruskin guy looks like a pansy.

  • By Al Kavadlo -

    Uh-oh…sounds like fightin' words.

  • By Al Kavadlo -

    Uh-oh…sounds like fightin' words.

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