Do Shape Up Shoes Really Work?

January 19, 2010 // Al Kavadlo

Do Shape-ups really work?You’ve probably seen the ads for the sneaker that (supposedly) gives you a workout while you walk.

The manufacturers claim that their sneakers will tone and firm your legs just by walking. Finally–a way to get in shape without having to really work out!

Sounds too good to be true?

Of course that’s because it is!

In all fairness to Shape-up shoes, they do actually require that the wearer utilize more muscles than when walking in standard footwear–which over time could lead to increased fitness.

However, walking in Shape-ups is also harder and less pleasant than walking in other sneakers. So you still have to do some work to get any results.

I’ve also heard reports of people falling down and getting hurt while wearing these. That’s definitely not going to make you more fit.

The bottom line is this: a sneaker can’t work out for you! Some people need to find ways to trick themselves into exercising (or trick themselves into thinking they’re exercising) and that’s who this sneaker is intended for.

For the rest of us, just go for a run or do some pull-ups. It’s really not so bad.

There will always be someone trying to take advantage of people looking for a quick fix or a shortcut.

Don’t be a sucker. Just go work out!