Beginning Parkour Training

I am a big proponent of personal training–not just for my clients–but for myself, too!

I’m always eager to learn new ways to exercise and have fun, so when my friend Rick Seedman of the Bar-barians offered to teach me about parkour, I jumped at the chance. (Literally!)

About Parkour
Parkour comes from a French word meaning “obstacle course.” Basically, it involves navigating an urban landscape with quickness, efficiency and grace. As Rick says, “Parkour is about expressing yourself through movement.”

Parkour training is playful and less structured than most formal types of exercise, but there are a few basic moves that all traceurs (that’s what parkour practitioners like to be called) should be comfortable with.

Precision Jumping

One key aspect of parkour is precision jumping. Just like the name implies, this movement involves jumping and landing (often onto or off of an object) with the utmost precision–something I am still working on!


An underbar involves passing between a narrow, horizontal opening by jumping through the obstacle and landing on the other side. The most common situations to use underbars are passing through rails, trees, or scaffolding.


Rolling is used primarily to spread the impact of a jump throughout your body (so you don’t take it all in your knees and ankles). Rolling also allows for a smooth transition into the next movement.

18 thoughts on “Beginning Parkour Training

  • By rickseedman -

    good job Al!!!

  • By Al Kavadlo -

    Thanks, Rick!

    • By Tyler -

      Can you make a video on rolling in particular? I started parkour moves about a week ago…ive been just working out for about 6 months..but i seem to keep hurting my back and i think im doing it right as seen by other videos..idk

      • By Al Kavadlo -

        Hey Tyler – I’m really not that good at rolling to be making a tutorial about it, but maybe when my skills improve I’ll get around to it.

  • By zak -

    Hey Al,

    I just like your stuff man, no hype and on the money. Discovered your website recently while being sidelined with a broken ankle…ouch.
    I am on crutches now and I realize the futility of the endless “bullshit for life” routines that have no carryover to functional movements in life…
    Thanks for putting the vids on one legged squats and no equipment workouts.

  • By Al Kavadlo -

    Thanks Zak–glad you like the videos. Bullshit for life–good one!

  • By jeffdf -

    And I thought you were just making up Boot Camp on the fly 😉 Now I can say I know a couple of Parkour moves! Next boot camp: Underbars, please! Very, very cool…

  • By Al Kavadlo -

    Glad you like this one, Jeff. Remind me about the underbars on Saturday!

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  • By Maximaren -

    not too bad man but when performing underbars you have to jump in just like doing a dash vault and the warm ups are pretty much useless well in my country we do different ones but they are pretty hard

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      For safety purposes, I would not advise a beginner to jump into an underbar. It takes time to build the confidence to perform that type of maneuver. Thanks for the comment though.

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  • By Crnidusi -

    dou you have skype

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