– Are you an aspiring fitness trainer?

My Fitness Pro Master Class is a digital training course designed to help you grow your online fitness business and achieve more success than ever before.

In this program I will teach you how to:

  • Attract high paying clients for one-on-one online personal training sessions
  • Write compelling articles and get featured on popular fitness websites and magazines
  • Build a loyal following on social media that will help grow your business
  • Develop a successful online fitness brand without compromising your integrity

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–The Ultimate Rings and Parallettes Program

Are you looking to take your strength training to the Next Level?

Have you ever been curious about training with rings and parallettes?

If you answered “Yes” to either of those questions, then this is the book for you!

Next Level Strength includes a brand new bodyweight strength training program using rings and parallettes, as well as a detailed section on programming your own custom workouts.

The book also contains extensive nutritional guidance, motivational tips and lots of other new insights!

Street Workout Book


– The Ultimate 16-Week Transformation Program for Building Muscle and Strength –Using the Power of Progressive Calisthenics

If you’re looking for a minimalist calisthenics program to build muscle and strength with bodyweight exercises, this is the book for you!

This collaboration from me and my brother Danny is the only Kavadlo Brothers book to feature a detailed 16-week program. It’s perfect for beginners who aren’t sure where to start, as well as more advanced trainees who want to take things to the next level.

If you need a program with proven exercise sequences, exact set and rep ranges, warm-ups, progressions and more, then it’s time to GET STRONG!

Street Workout Book


– A Worldwide Anthology of Urban Calisthenics –How to Sculpt a God-like Physique With Nothing But Your Environment

Think of STREET WORKOUT like an encyclopedia of bodyweight exercises and training concepts. This book is for those who want to fully immerse themselves into the world of urban calisthenics!

At over 300 pages, STREET WORKOUT includes more exercise variations and training templates than any of my other titles. From pull-ups to pistol squats to handstands to human flags – it’s all here!

If you’ve done GET STRONG and want to go to the next level, STREET WORKOUT is the book you need!


Zen Mind, Strong Body

– How to Cultivate Advanced Calisthenic Strength –Using the Power of “Beginner’s Mind”

Zen Mind, Strong Body is one part exercise book, one part philosophy book.

In addition to delving deeper into the mental side of fitness, Zen Mind, Strong Body covers topics that are not as extensively addressed in my other titles. For example, my thoughts on cardiovascular training, including my personal experiences racing the NYC Marathon and NYC Triathlon are discussed, as well as my thoughts on diet.


Stretching Your Boundaries

– Flexibility Training for Extreme Calisthenic Strength

If you’re interested in improving your flexibility and restoring a functional range of motion to your joints, this is the book for you!

Stretching Your Boundaries covers a vast array of stretches and mobility drills for all parts of the body.

If you struggle with exercises like pistol squats, L-sits, back bridges or many others, your flexibility could be what’s holding you back!

Pushing The Limits!

Pushing The Limits!

–Total Body Strength With No Equipment

Pushing The Limits is the ultimate minimalist strength training program!

This book includes dozens of exercises and progressions that require nothing but the ground beneath your feet.

From push-ups and pistol squats to backbends and handstands, there is a lot you can do with no equipment!

If you want to see how far you can go with only your own bodyweight, then you need to start Pushing The Limits!

Raising The Bar

Raising The Bar

–The Definitive Guide to Pull-up Bar Calisthenics

Raising The Bar covers everything there is to do with a pull-up bar – and it’s way more than you might think!

Pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups, leg raises, levers, handstands and more are all covered in this groundbreaking classic.

Raising The Bar is a must-have for any die-hard bar fanatic or urban calisthenics aficionado.

It’s time to Raise The Bar on your pull-up game!

***Also available in DVD format!!!***

We’re Working Out!

–A Zen Approach To Everyday Fitness

We’re Working Out! is my very first book.

In it, I expound upon my unique fitness philosophy, offering an alternative to conventional society’s goal-obsessed fitness mindset.

Instead of focusing on outcomes, the reader is taught to embrace the process.

If you are a true Kavadlo collector, you’ve gotta read the book that started it all.

The Official Al Kavadlo App

Work out alongside an animated Al as he takes you through more than 35 unique workouts and over 90 different progressive bodyweight exercises!

The official Al Kavadlo app is available for both iPhone or Android.

Hey hey hey! We’re Working Out!