Client Spotlight: Mike Lieberman

December 11, 2009 // Al Kavadlo

Mike is gettin' diesel!

Mike is gettin' diesel!

Mike Lieberman has been a good friend of mine for a long time, but he recently felt inspired to get in better shape, so he got me to start training him.

Mike has had the nutrition aspect of holistic wellness down for a while. Now that he is stepping up his workouts, he can really take his health and fitness to the next level.

Mike is also very concerned about the environment and the green movement, so I make sure that the only energy expended during one of Mike’s workouts is his own. We’ll never use electrically powered equipment during our training (treadmills, etc.).

Mike’s goals include building more upper body strength and improving core stability. He wants to get better at pull-ups and eventually build towards doing a muscle up!

Watch this video of our most recent workout!