Client Spotlight: Emma Robinson

December 18, 2009 // Al Kavadlo

Emma pullupEmma Robinson is a one of a kind client. As a former Olympic medalist (Emma’s won both sliver and bronze medals in rowing, at the 1996 and 2000 games respectively), she is no stranger to busting her butt in the gym. Emma is one of the hardest working, most determined people I’ve ever met. She’s also one of the strongest!

But when I first met Emma, it had been years since she had been on any type of strict exercise regimen. Even though she had at one point in time reached the pinnacle of athleticism, she was still a bit intimidated by starting over in the gym by herself. Throughout her athletic career, Emma had gotten used to working out with coaches, so she decided to take me on as her trainer.

Emma has come a long way since then, and while she no longer rows competitively, she knows how important it is to continually push her body to the limit. Emma loves doing pull-ups and dips, and I thought a little friendly competition might give her the extra motivation to push herself even harder, so I challenged her to a pull-up and dip contest.

Since I am a guy (and guys naturally have more upper body strength) I decided to do my pull-ups and dips with a 45 pound weight hanging from my waist to level the playing field.

For the last event, Emma selected power cleans–nice choice!!!

Watch the clip below to see how it went. Behold: The Al-ympics!