Client Spotlight: Armen Gemdjian

Armen GemdjianArmen is one of the toughest chicks that I know. When she first took me on as her trainer last December, she could barely even do one decent pushup–she has come a long way since then! Now that she’s made progress with pushups, we have been focusing on other challenges, such as kettlebell training.

Still gotta keep practicing those pushups though!

Two of Armen’s current goals are pull-ups and parallel bar dips. Armen also takes spinning classes regularly and she is planning on running her first 5K race next month.

Check out this video clip from one of our recent training sessions:


3 thoughts on “Client Spotlight: Armen Gemdjian

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  • By S_keld -

    Is Armen still your client?  I am in the Peace Corps, staying with Zina in Yerevan.  Zina received a letter from her and would like to respond, but the address on the front of the envelope and the address on the back don’t match, so she doesn’t know where to send it.  If she is still your client, please relay this info and have Armen send her mailing address to  Thanks.

    • By Al Kavadlo -

      Yes Armen still trains with me.  I’ll make sure she sees your comment.

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