Client Spotlight: Amanda

November 18, 2009 // Al Kavadlo

amandaAmanda is living proof that there’s no reason for women to be afraid that doing weight training will turn them into a beefed-up bodybuilder.

As a former basketball player, Amanda’s used to dedicating a lot of her time to fitness. She also knows the value of having a coach.

Amanda started training with me this past spring after having had knee surgery. When we started out, she was barely able to do squats only going half of the way down, now she does squats with almost 100 pounds on her back and does a full range of motion. We have even started working towards one legged squats!

Amanda is the best combination of things to have in a client: she’s a natural athlete and she has a tremendous work ethic in the gym. She continues to push her limits and I’m excited to see what she’ll do next!

Watch this video from one of our recent training sessions: