Plyos at the Park

Today I am going to show you three great upper body exercises (with variations) that you can try without a gym membership.

All you need to do this workout is a little warrior spirit and a park with some monkey bars and/or a jungle gym area. You can get creative with where you choose to work out as long as you get it done.

With springtime (hopefully) around the corner, I think you’ll find getting outside for plyos at the park to be a lot more fun than another go around on the stationary bike.

5 thoughts on “Plyos at the Park

  • By phattrainer -

    Monkey bars isn't an exercise. It's an apparatus. FYI.

  • By Al Kavadlo -

    Noted. What's the technical name for the first exercise that I perform in the video?

  • By phattrainer -

    It was more of a ladder climb, crawl, swing.

  • By dannykavadlo -

    That's too technical for me Lenny.

  • By chino hills boot camp -

    In summers it is good but in winters there os much cold that you can not even touch the bars. Some old exercises should be in your routine.

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