Getting Started in the New Year

January 1, 2010 // Al Kavadlo

outsideChristmas and New Year’s have come and gone and now the aftermath of all the partying and pastry eating is probably evident on the scale. Even if you haven’t needed to move down a notch on your belt, the new year is always a great time to renew your interest in fitness.

That’s right folks, it’s time to get focused on exercise again–after all, it is going to be summer before you know it. If you’re planning a trip to the beach when it gets hot, better start planning to put in some work at the gym now. Not that vanity is necessarily the best motivation, but I digress.

jumpingIf you’re reading this at all, that’s a good start. It means you must have a desire to improve yourself–and that’s the first step!

So maybe you have the desire to improve your fitness level, but you don’t know where to get started. Well you don’t necessarily need to join a fancy gym or hire a trainer (although those things are nice!), because I will show you some quick exercises that you can do without eating up a lot of your precious time or spending any money.

There is no excuse not to exercise!

In the video clip below, I demonstrate 3 basic exercises, with variations for different fitness levels, that you can do at a local park or even at home. Remember to dress appropriately for the cold weather when you are working out outdoors this winter.