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    Wow! I wasn’t expecting such a detailed answer from my question, thanks Robby!

    I definitely noticed that my ideas of isolating and targeting a specific muscle won’t work for calisthenics. I attempted a pushing workout yesterday and my chest and triceps were screaming at me halfway through! Not only did the second half of the workout seem like a waste of time, I felt like I wasn’t doing these movements at my full potential.

    The really interesting point you made was about the frequency of practicing movements. I completely neglected principles regarding the CNS! And for that reason I think I’ll be doing a full body routine! But I think I’ll need someone to check if I’m thinking in the right direction for this:

    I’m thinking of doing 2 sets for pushing, 2 sets for pulling, and 2 sets for legs. The first set in each category would be an easier movement while the second set in each category would be a harder movement. As I progress in calisthenics and movements become more and more compound, I’d change the exercises accordingly. Is this a good way to plan out a program?

    My last question is whether or not it’s a good idea to do a full body workout every other day and do cardio and core exercises on some rest days? For example, in a 7 day week, 4 days would be for the full body workout, 2 days would be for distance running and supplementary core exercises, and 1 day would be for rest.

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