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    Hey Al and everyone else I am fairly new to bodyweight training. I have a background in powerlifting but that just wasn’t for me. I love bodyweight and kettlebell training. So my question is about handstands and wrist pain. I cannot do a handstand pushup yet and am working on balancing for time. My wrists are limiting me because they get very painful. Any tips on what I can do? Thanks I am looking forward to becoming part of this community

    Robby Taylor

    Welcome to the forum, Jtrat!

    Firstly, if anything I suggest here bothers your wrists, take a step back and chip away at it at a more manageable level. Unless you have some sort of impingement or medical condition, you should be able to improve your mobility.

    Check this out:


    Aside from that, one of the many benefits of bridging is to the mobility of the wrists, so I recommend practicing bridges for you.

    One more exercise: get into the top of a push up position. Now, push your fingers into the floor, hard, as if you’re trying to lift your palms off of the floor without bending your fingers back. Generate as much tension around your wrists and in your hands and forearms as you can. This tension will help to stabilize your wrists and give you more awareness and control of it as it moves. Think of it as like, if you place your hands on the side of a wobbly washing machine vs if you squeeze the machine really hard and try to stop it. You can feel and control the movement much more this way. Anyway, once you generate this tension, slowly and with precision start leaning forward. Once you hit a tender spot in your wrist, ease back a bit to where you just barely feel it, and build that tension around that point, then try to move forward at a slightly different angle relative to that impingement. This could mean rotating your forearm a bit, letting your shoulders drift to the left or right slightly as you move forward, etc. Just play around with it. Once you find a comfortable way to extend the distance that you can lean, try to maintain that extended leaning position for time, with a focus on the stability of your wrists.


    Thanks for the advice Robby Taylor. I started doing the stretches today. When I go train I will try that last one you mentioned. Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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