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    Hey guys/gals, I’ve decided to start exercising again after a 2 year long break (life got in the way) but I need some advice!

    I’d like a full body beginner routine laid out black and white…which exercises/# of reps/#of sets/which days/etc.

    Al has published a lot of books but I don’t own any….need a recommendation for which book I should purchase which includes a full body (bodyweight) workout routine that i can easily follow and progress on.

    My goal for working out is more towards strength building, not hypertrophy.

    All i have for equipment is a weight vest (50 lbs.) and gymnastic rings mounted to my ceiling joists.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!





    Pushing the Limits and Raising the Bar. First have everything you need to start working out with no equipment, just floor and the second book is same but on the bar, in your case rings. If you want just one I would choose Pushing the Limits. In both books should be routines with sets and reps and all informations you need.

    Robby Taylor

    Pushing the Limits and Raising the Bar contain sample routines, but theyre really more about the exercises and progressions rather than specific programming.

    Those books are good though, just pick exercises that are in line with your goals and that you can do no more than 10 reps. 3-5 sets per exercise, 3 days per week or every other day to start. You could do all of your exercises on the same day or do a workout based on pushing the limits one day and raising the bar the other day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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