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    Hello everybody so my routine is usually 3-5 sets of: pull ups; Wide grip and close grip, Chin ups, Dips, Push ups of wide, diamond, normal. I do usually 10 reps of all push ups exercises and ab out 5 reps of pull ups since i find them more difficult and consume my muscles much quicker


    So when should I do my moves that i cannot do such as muscle ups, one arm push ups and stuff? I dont do them when im working out normal day with my listed workout above because i feel like it consumes to much of my energy and i gain nothing back. Should i be performing these difficult moves on my rest days? I usually leave 1 or 2 days rest





    It’s hard to give you advice witout knowing how many day’s per week you are performing your routine, but if you would like to work on the more advanced moves without compromising your regular training you could try what Paul wade calls consolidation training, it is also known as greese the groove, staying fresh and I’m sure it has other names. Basically you would practice a difficult technique every day or every second day, and you would train multiple times during the day without going to muscular fatigue, this means you would perform only 2 or 3 repetitions at a time then wait until you recover and repeat.

    Al Kavadlo

    Hey hey hey!

    If you are ready to work on harder moves then it’s time to modify your routine. Get warmed up with one or two sets of push-ups and pull-ups and then get to practicing your more advanced skills.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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