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    Hello, I used to had a problem with wrists. I started doing close/diamond push ups and crow/frog at the same time(first day pushups, second day inversions – headstand, pike pushups, crow stance). My wrists were overtrained probably, they hurt so I take a break. Now its better, but I feel my wrists are a bit weak and kinda vulnerable. Im trying to place my hand properly, use whole hand and fingers to support myself. Also wrists feel a bit stiff so I pay a more attention to stretching and warming up.

    Now my plan is 1. day pushups – uneven pushups (step 7) and leg raises 2. pullups(australian and normal) and squats 3. inversions – headstands (when my wrists get stronger I wanna do crow stands, handstands, pike pushups) and bridges. 4. day trifecta+stretches… so Im useing my wrists every other day, they should have enough rest I think (if they feel sore or not ready I wait day or two, but it didnt happen lately)

    It will probably get better(I expected to happen a bit sooner) if I continue to train safe, but I rather ask then regret it later… anyway I will be thankful for any tips.


    Have you been doing regular push-ups for very long? Moving to diamonds too fast could be rough on your wrists and shoulders.


    I used to do knuckle push ups to avoid wrist pain for the longest time but started doing wall and counter top push ups, along with short sets of regular push ups to condition my wrists more, now I don’t have any pain doing these at all. It wasn’t long ago I had a wrist brace on and couldn’t touch my guitar… Sad times.

    It could be worth it to go back some steps in terms or difficult movements to let your wrists catch up to the rest of your body.


    I did Convict Conditioning program from step 1 (3-5 weeks each step) and when I did close pushups it was a bit harder on my wrists, but nothing special. I think it happen mainly because of crow stand, where you need balance your whole body with wrists. I went back from crow to headstand, also progress from close to uneven pushups so my wrists are not in wierd angle as they would be in close pushups. Things got better, but I think its need more time to heal completly. Its still hurt a bit in some wierd spots and wierd angles, but ts good overall for basic excercies.

    Pushups on knuckles feel less stressful for wrists but my knuckles are not used, but its okay to use knuckles for headstand tripod. Im also trying fingertip pushups to strenghten my hands and wrists.

    Do you know any special excercices for strengtening wrists that I can use?



    Try some of these!



    Also, rest will help too!

    Robby Taylor

    Besides Nick’s great advice, I have a suggestion for a wrist mobility drill.

    Firstly, if any of this begins to aggravate something specific in your wrists, know that the idea of this drill is to treat these impingements as ‘stretch points’, if you will. Think of the flare of pain as analogous as overstretching a muscle. So if you can’t do the drill as extensively as I detail, that is perfectly fine, just do what you can. Like I said, think of it as a stretch. If the pain is too sharp, then back off.

    Start in a plank position. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have to be a full plank, you can do this on your hands and knees. But your upper body should otherwise be like a standard plank. Concerning hand positioning, I prefer and recommend having your index fingers pointed forward. Now, try to extend your wrists and open your hands as much as you can while keeping your palms flat. Furthermore, try to press your hand into the floor as much as you can. Press your fingertips into the floor very hard, as hard as you can maintain, while keeping the entirety of your palms and fingers flat on the floor. While doing that, flex your forearms significantly. This will be your start point. From here, begin to lean forward by walking your body forward and extending your shoulder position further past your hands. You will likely notice impingements in your wrists as you go further forward. The trick is, when you feel one, back off and sort of lean your body to the side and, relative to the wrist impingement, try to reposition your wrists by moving ‘around’ it. The idea is, once you can figure out how to go ‘around’ these impingements and bring your body further forward, over as much time as needed, you will be able to spend time in that extended position and thus increase your wrist mobility (since the impingement generally keeps you from that degree of extension), which in turn should make the impingement itself more manageable.

    Let me know if this works for you!


    Thanks both of you guys!

    Robby I treid what you sugested, I hope I understand it. I placed my hands on ground, open my palm wide, press hard on the floor with whole hand and fingers, tensioned forearms and started leaning forward. Suprisingly I could go to the point my shoulders couldnt hold me. It felt like my whole lower arm getting stretched, but I didnt feel any strong or sharp pain and it also feel kinda safe and nice. Im definitely gonna continue with this drill, try to play with it and let you know what happen, but for now its seems like it working pretty well, thanks.

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