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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to share a routine with you that I found online and it worked nicely for me. Some of you may know it already. It’s called the Naked Warrior Bear (just google it). Some guys created it over at the Dragondoor forum as a bodyweight version of the mass building Russian Bear by Pavel Tsatsouline.

    Since the original forum topic is about 15 pages long, I’ll try to sum it up here: It’s a mass building programme, the idea is to take a fairly difficult bodyweight move (with which you can only do about 10 reps) and you do 10 sets of 5, adding sets as it becomes easier. This way you create lots of volume while maintaining intensity. You pick one pushing, one pulling and one leg exercise. You do this for a month (or however long you feel comfortable with) and that’s it. Oh, end you eat big and sleep well.

    Now, I didn’t stick to the plan 100%. Since it was difficult to find a bodyweight movement with which I could do exactly 10 reps, I just picked a variation that was difficult enough and raised the amount of reps per set to a level appropriate for my abilities, but I never went over 10. Here’s what I did:

    First month: Mon – 10×5 Half pull ups + 10×6 Push ups + Abs

    Wed – 10×5 half pull ups + 10×7 Bulgarian split squats + Calf raises

    Fri – 10×6 push ups + 10×7 Bulgarian split squats + Calf raises

    The second month I did basically the same thing, just did full chin ups, diamond pushups and weighted Bulgarian split squats (as I can’t do a pistol yet). I added an additional set every week, so I would do 11 sets on the second week, 12 on the third and so on. The ancillary work (abs, calves) was done for 3 sets.

    My results: I gained 3 kg in those two months, which is a miracle for me. Some of it was fat, because my diet wasn’t in check all the time, but most of it is muscle. Hopefully this will be of some use to other members of this forum. Let me know what you think 🙂

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