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    Hello everyone..

    I learned muscle ups like 2 months ago and I still have a long way to go, so here I am looking for advice, here’s a bit of my background so you get my problem…

    I never learned the 1 arm over and then the other, and I never learned to raise my knees to get momentum and use it; the first time I got it was with both elbows over the bar at the same time and without bending the knees, which is ok for me because it works for now.

    Ok… so this is where I ask for advice… I want some advice in training to get more reps, because right now I’m dying between rep 6 and 7 and, as I feel… I’m relying too much on strength and I just dont know how to use my legs for momentum, like bending the knees, so I’d like to ask you how you trained to get more reps or how you manage to get some more reps when you’re tired already.

    See you around

    Al Kavadlo

    Hey Salzinni – I think it’s great that you learned to do proper muscle-ups from the beginning! Don’t get too hung up on doing lots of reps. I think 6-7 good, strict m-ups will do more for you than 15 sloppy ones.

    Having said that, I’ve found the “rest/pause” technique very helpful for muscle-ups. Basically, you do your max number of reps, then rest at the top of the last rep for a few seconds and try to squeeze out one rep a time from there, resting in between reps in the top position above the bar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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