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    I am serious about working out, but I smoke. I started doing the regular squats, sit ups, push ups simply for weight loss. When I got to anorexia point, I decided to build muscle. Know im focused about doing harder and harder exercises, developping more in depth all muscles. Ive been doing alot of exercises and variations in the last 5 months. I smoke around a pack a day. I though of reducing to 15, then to 10. Stay at 10. Somebody has experience with this?

    Al Kavadlo

    You shouldn’t need an expert to tell you that cigarettes are hazardous to your health!

    Ten a day is definitely not as bad as a whole pack, but you should ultimately aim to quit altogether. Start by cutting back and take it from there. As you get more fit, cigarettes may become less appealing. Either way, keep training hard!


    I read somewhere that over training is a myth…

    I don’t think there is a set criteria for “over training” other than ‘are you hurting yourself’. I think the idea of over training is more prevalent in weight lifting because, by nature, it’s more dangerous and strenuous on your body. People tend to take that idea and apply it to other training methods.


    I’d say as long as you aren’t working hurt muscles and aren’t trying movements beyond your strengths every day you should be fine.

    I’m still working on assisted pistols which are difficult for me. If I did a set of them, or tried regular pistols every day im sure my knees would be killing me.


    So yeah…in my humble opinion, I don’t believe you can over train without knowing it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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