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    Hi Al

    Firstly thans for sahring your knowledge among internet. I would like to ask you how you find gymnastic rings? I have a garage with low cealing. I have attached the rings so I could follow GoldMedalBodies free workout. The only downside is that for pullups and leg rises i have to bend my knees otherwise there is no free hang space ( I am 6’3″).

    Is it ok to substitute the bar with rings? What would be the limitation in such a combination?

    Best reagrds from Poland

    Robby Taylor

    Hey Verbal, great question. I actually made a thread about this awhile ago.


    Rings are great for versatility. They allow you to do just about everything that you can on a bar, plus more. I actually prefer them for dips, Australian pull ups, and levers. They are, in my opinion, not as good for muscle ups only because doing slow false grip muscle ups on a bar is more difficult yet doesnt tear your wrists up as much. However I don’t have a suitable bar at home so it at least gives me the option to do them.

    As for your clearance issue, try L pull ups to work your abs and back and alleviate your clearance issue.


    cheers mate


    somehow i did not found that thread, if i would i wouldnt make a new one ;>

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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