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    i am aiming to become a professional wrestler, would a bodyweight focused workout be ideal for this? after reading through Building the Gymnastic Body by Christopher Sommer and looking at this site and the things Al and other bodyweight enthusiasts are able to do, i would think it would work. is there anyone here who feels they would be comfortable going 15-20 min in a ring and lifting large men over their heads?

    Al Kavadlo

    I think this is great! The idea that pro wrestlers have to be as huge as bodybuilders is thankfully becoming a thing of the past thanks to guys like CM Punk.

    If you want to be a pro-wrestler, I think the most important things are being entertaining in the ring and charismatic on the mic. Best of luck to you!

    Robby Taylor

    Several months ago I wrestled with one of my buddies who used to be in the Navy. When he was in the service he wrestled guys a lot, although I don’t think I’ve ever really done it before haha. He had a really hard time pinning me down because every time he would try I would simply press off of the ground and get out of it. He ended up having to get me in an arm bar while on top of me to get me to tap out. Later he told me I was at about the 50th percentile of guys that he’s wrestled (even though a lot of those guys spent a lot of time doing it). Oh yeah he was also about 200 pounds while I was 130. He felt like I would do really well in my weight division.

    There’s a reason they call wrestler’s bridge a wrestler’s bridge, and I know that bodyweight training has always been very popular for boxers, MMA fighters, and martial artists in general. Look up The Great Gama, he was arguably the greatest wrestler of all time and a huge part of his conditioning (I hesitate to say only part) was Hindu push ups and Hindu squats.


    EDIT: Oh wait, he said I was in the top 1/3 of people he’s gone up against. He was talking about another of our friends when he said top 1/2 (this was all without regard to size).


    thanks guys. i do feel that functional fitness would be more beneficial than isolated workouts when it comes to something like this. and the mass that tends to come with machine workouts would look strange on me, as i am of a smaller frame. i was doing Rushfit by GSP up until recently, so i know that most of his training was light weights and bodyweight.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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