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    I started training the l-sit about 6 months ago, following CC2 steps. Since around June I’ve been able to hold a sit on any raised surface, typically I do them between two low chairs.
    Recently I tried doing it off the floor and was pleased to find I could actually do it! Although it was only a couple of seconds, I was previously struggling to achieve this, when I tried it a month or two back it still felt impossible.
    So anyway, I want to continue practising and increasing hold times, how best to achieve this? I started doing reps last week, is that a good way to go or should I stick with just doing isometric holds as long as possible? (by rep I mean I’m holding body up with legs folded, then extend legs, fold, extend etc.)

    Al Kavadlo

    Congrats on your progress! There are many ways to approach increasing your strength on the L-sit and no one “best way” for everyone.

    I recommend using both of the techniques you mentioned. The most important thing is consistency.

    We’re Working Out!



    Awesome, thanks Al.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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