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    Yo! I’m wondering if anyone has information on the progressions to the one arm dip? I’ve seen it a few times on youtube but the details are never there. seems like it would be comparable to the one arm handstand pushup!

    Robby Taylor

    As you’ve seen, a one arm dip is doable. There are a few variations. If you try this on a pull up bar, when you go down you’ll find it very difficult to keep yourself from simply falling under the bar. Your legs will want to shoot forward to compensate for the disparity of doing a one arm dip. For this reason, I suggest doing this move with your legs against a wall or something like that. Even though this keeps you from “spinning out”, you should still let your legs move up and down with the rest of your body to ensure that you are pressing your whole weight.

    Getting really good with the one arm push up will help prepare you for the one arm dip. Frankly, I think most people would be better off getting really good with the one arm push up than struggling with the one arm dip. I mean, I’m sure if you take the time to develop good mechanics for the one arm dip and can begin to do several reps then it could be a really great exercise…the problem is that it’s rather esoteric. The mechanics are pretty crazy, especially on a straight bar, so it’s cumbersome just to try to do, let alone get good at. You have to be damn strong to do it at all, but you’ll notice most guys do this thing when they press up where they like lean their body over the bar and kind of push their weight up and forward and it looks like they’re kind of using their upper body to “hop” up/across the bar, like an assist. And that’s pretty much what’s happening because the positioning of the body makes it extremely difficult to do a clean press up from the bottom of the dip, even for really strong guys. But hey, I love seeing guys who can rep out one arm pull ups and one arm dips like most people do with two arms. Lastly, a one arm dip is still going to be a good deal easier than a one arm handstand push up. Still crazy though

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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