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    So ive been into working out for around 2-3 months now. i was inspired by bruce lee. amazing feats and amazing aesthetics. I then was intrigued by him and came across much on calisthenics since i hate going to gym and this really appealed to me. awesome handstand push ups and one arm pull ups!

    im 19, 5 ft 5/6 and im 9 stone (57kg or 125 pounds)

    So i begun training with a regime 2 or 3 times a week usually doing dips and push ups. i can do around 25 diamond push ups and around 20 dips now. Im not sure what i could when i started.

    So last month i started implementing pull ups after finding a good spot to do pull ups/chin ups. My body hasnt changed much in terms of muscle. i havent gotten bigger nor smaller and i havent gained or lost any weight. Ive been consuming much protein aswell. The only change i have is in my abs from doing bicycle crunches 6 days a week usually.

    Am i expecting results to quickly?

    I can do around 7 or 8 perfect pull ups and 10 or 11 pull ups all normal speed and from dead hang. I tried doing muscle ups but i still cannot do it even when swinging wildy!

    so please help and give me feedback. if you need more info please dont hesitate to say




    Al Kavadlo

    Sounds like you’ve made excellent progress for such a short amount of time!

    Be patient and enjoy the process. 🙂

    Robby Taylor

    Like Al said, youre doing fine man. It sounds like you have a build similar to me, I’m a couple inches taller than you and 5-10 pounds heavier. I’ve been training for…shit…close to 3 years now, and on the whole I weigh the same as I did when I started. I’m a lot stronger though, and a bit leaner and more muscular (I was already lean though). If you’re concerned about size, you seriously need to eat more. Like, for guys with our build, especially if you are enthusiastic about training, it actually can take more dedication (in terms of effort) to commit to eating enough to gain weight because we like burn everything off.

    I recommend finding a quality staple food that you can simply add to your current diet, and just eat it whenever as a filler. I highly recommend lentils. There’s tons of protein in them (1 pound uncooked has about 120-130 grams of protein and costs like $1, at least at grocery stores near me), and they’re super easy and fast to cook. For athletes like us, I recommend red lentils specifically because they have about half the fiber of brown lentils (about 50g per pound instead of 100), and red also have 50% more calories (again, good for us hard gainers who expend lots of energy). They are both excellent sources of quality carbs as well. The only downside to red lentils is they’re a bit more expensive; at my local store I can get them for under $2 a pound.

    Its not a complete protein though, but you can balance it out with chicken, eggs, certain grains, nuts, and seeds.

    Muscle ups are hard, give it time. Get better at pull ups first. Also I’d suggest working on the L sit, pistol squat, and back bridge. Besides that, you may also want to start messing with handstand push ups and/or one arm push ups. Keep killing those basics though, consider those as skill training for now. Once you can do like 5 good reps, then I’d say its a good time to start using them in your regular workouts.


    Thanks guys for the advice. Its not that i want to bulk up but because of my short size and small stature i want to get slightly bigger like bruce lee’s arms then become more lean and muscular. Also other than being fit i also really want to become a stronger and healthier person and be able to perform some of the incredible stuff that some of you guys can do.

    For the lentils what can you make from them? ive never had lentils before so i dont know any simple recipes.


    Also because im light and small would u reccomend doing any cardio? I don’t want to get smaller

    Robby Taylor

    Lentils are used in a lot of Indian cuisine, vegetarian dishes, and can be used as a base for a soup. There are plenty of recipes online. I usually just cook it with a bit of garlic, onion, and lemon juice. It goes good as a side dish. You could roast some chicken and potatoes with a side of lentils. It’s pretty good when you mix it with rice. Lentils with scrambled eggs makes a solid porridge-like breakfast option. You could try mixing it with oats or grits too…lots of options!

    Cardio probably isn’t necessary, but high intensity cardio like sprinting can be beneficial

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