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    Hello everybody so im john. im 5 ft 5, 19 years old and i have started working out about 1 and half months ago. My workout routine isnt strict. i try to work out every 2 or 3 days. In addition to working out, on the rest days i usually do some forearm work such as using a wrist roller.

    So i still dont have a proper routine. i dont really count my reps for some of my exercise or have a strict goal.

    This was my routine:

    1 – 15 diamond push ups

    2 – 15 bench dips

    3 – 10 dips (hands on the sides)

    4 – 15 wide push ups

    5 – 10 bench dips

    6 – 10 dips

    7 – 15 incline push ups (feet up)

    8 – 10 bench dips

    9 – 5 dips

    my newer routine since finding a spot for doing pull ups which still isnt very good (wooden beam in the garage which is square so hurts my hands) will include chinups, pull ups, push ups and dips. Is this ok? what can be my routine? should i be strict on my reps? I started doing chin ups doing but i could only do like 4 of them. I dont know if its because it starts hurting my hands due to the square wooden beam or that im weak.

    If i can i will post a picture of my current progress/body to show my physique if possible

    also during my rest days i will sometimes do squats, lunges and pistol squats with a little bit of assistance for stability). again not strict, i will do like 2 or 3 pistol squats then move onto a couple of lunges and so on.


    thank you for reading and best of luck



    Hey im back so im curious now about my routine

    shoould i do pull ups and chin ups in same day? so my routine would be (week):

    day 1 – Upper arm/body consisting of push ups, dips, chin ups and pull ups

    day 2 – legs

    day 3 – rest

    day 4 – upper arm/body

    day 5 – legs

    day 6 – rest

    day 7 – upper arm/body

    Also i will do forearm training around 5 times a week


    is this ok? or should you put chin ups and pull ups different day? they work the upper arm so shouldnt they be same day?

    Robby Taylor

    Yeah man totally do pull ups and chin ups on the same day. Think of them as variations of the same exercise. Just alternate grip every set. I would suggest though adding in some bridging and/or leg raises to your leg day, and you’ll have a pretty well rounded routine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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