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    I am new to calisthenics, a friend introduced me and gave me some pointers. I have been following beach body routines for the last year so am used to having a program set for me.

    I have read convict conditioning which advises to go back to the start and start slow. Although I can do push ups and pull ups and squats. Should I follow coach Wades advice and go back to the start or start where I’m comfortable?


    Its made me think about the way I was performing moves, going for quantity rather than form. I may take a step bavk on each move to ensure I can achieve the progression standard for the previous move.

    I just have to get used to a different method of working out.

    I’m sticking to 5 move sets though rather than 2 moves as suggested in CC, for the 3 day week. Also I’m planning on doing cardio and yoga inbetween to make it up to 5 days.

    Does this sound like a good way to get strong?


    yes, i think you can def do more then 2 moves per day. cardio and yoga sounds good, too.

    also, if you feel your form would benefit from going one step back then just do it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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