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    Hi, 🙂

    Started progressive calisthenics since 1 year and I still don’t have the mobility to perform pistols. I started doing elevated pistols last winter, made some nice progress in april when I started attending to yoga lessons (could do pistols from a 10 cm high platform). Then I torn my adductor and had to stop squatting.

    Now I’m resuming pistols and seems I’m starting from scratch, I need to be like 30-40 cm high to perform pistols. I’m also resuming yoga, so mobility will certainly slowly improve, but it’s frustrating, seems I’m’ stuck doing elevated pistols forever. I’m looking for drills that may accelerate the progression to real pistols without taking too much time.

    Seems that the toy soldier drill from Stretch your boundaries would be adapted. Maybe some static standing front leg raise ? (can’t even get the forward leg to horizontal). And static forward bending to stretch the hamstrings ?

    Are these drills adapted or should I pick others ?

    Al Kavadlo

    The pistol can take a very long time to achieve but all the stretches you mentioned will help. Keep working on it and be patient!


    Cool, I’ll stick to these stretches. Thanks Al. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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