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    I want to do calithnetics for mass, I’ve been skinny and ~135 pounds for a very long time. After eating more and more I’ve reached 150 so far but i wanna get up to around 180-200 pounds. My goal is to get BIGGER, not necessarily strength or endurance. I’m shooting for that ideal male body look, not a total bodybuilding look.

    I can do consecutevily around 13 pullups, 40 pushups, and i play a lot of new york handball. I’m in good physical shape in general compared to the average population but i just hate my small frame. I have a gym membership but i just don’t have the time at the moment, it’s much more convenient for me to do some intense calisthenic workouts in my own home before a shower.

    My chest and shoulders are my biggest weakness, they suck. My arms used to be sticks but have gotten much better. I’ve always had abs.

    Ive made myself a little excel sheet with a 3 day rotating workout schedule. I read that TUT(Time Under Tension) is the key to gaining mass, so i was thinking of incorporating that into each of my workouts.

    Basically the first day I’ll do 1 set with as many reps as i can possibly do with each workout while counting to four three times on the way down for pullups or up for pushups, etc… basically isometric on the extension part of the rep.

    Then I’ll write my max numbers down and every 3 days loop i’ll try to add one more rep to my max and basically that’s it!

    This way I’m always trying to increase my max on every third day, 2 days for at least partial rest since i know in calisthenics muscles are intermixed easily in workouts.

    This is the routine and the exercise that i have so far:





    chin ups(biceps)


    pushup(one hand assisted)


    leg raises

    sit ups


    handstand pushup(assisted)


    squats(one leg assisted)


    Pullup(shoulder width)

    bridge on wall


    inner pushup

    outer pushup

    upper pushup

    lower pushup


    SO! Any comments? suggestions? is this a good approach to gain muscle MASS?

    and yes i know diet is important, I do my best to stuff my face with calories, protein, fats, the good stuff.




    i forgot to mention that ill be doing 2 sets of each exercise like al or danny mentioned in that one article… so i don’t overdo it.


    ive been reading CMASS and im thinking maybe i should start off simple,

    pushups, pullups, squats for a month or 2, every 2 days with maybe weekends off depending on how my muscles feel, and then go from there.


    as well as leg raises and bridge

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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