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    Hey everyone! I’m new to the forums and wanted to get some advice from those who’ve been doing calisthenics longer than I have. I’ve been doing calisthenics for about 4 months now. My current routine is as follows.
    •10 pull ups
    •20 push ups
    •15 dips
    • 20 dumbbell rows (20lb, don’t have a low bar)
    I do the this for five rounds. Directly after this I do my core work which consist of this.
    •60 leg raises
    •60 leg extension crunches
    •60 leg extensions
    •60 crunches (with my at a 90 degree angle)
    •30 ankle touches
    •60 abdominal twist.
    I usually do 30 rep and 2 set of each of these core exercises but if I’m tired I just do 3 set of twenty. I also do weighted squats. Let me also tell you guys where I am as far as things I’m able to do. I can do a free handing handstand and hold it for 20+ sec, I can do freestanding handstand push ups (5 reps for now), I can do 50 regular push ups straight with ease, 50 diamonds push ups with ease, l sits, v sits, and about twenty pull ups straight (full rang of motion/lock out). I’m working on my tiger bend, front lever, and muscle up. I have really had a desire to do a muscle up until recently so I thing I can get it in a couple weeks. My question is, is this type of workout considered rigorous by any stretch or are there more thing I should be doing?


    Forgot to say that I do this workout 5 times a week.

    Robby Taylor

    Well considering you can do multiple freestanding handstand push ups after just 4 months of training you must be doing something right. Did you have to train the handstand much specifically or are you just naturally good at it?

    Your routine looks solid, but there are a couple of things I would tweak. For the core exercises, you should consider doing harder exercises such as L sits, V sits, full hanging leg raises, and if you can dragon flags. As you already know from experience, these are far more effective strength builders than the relatively basic crunch variations you’re doing for hundreds of reps.

    The next thing I’d add is to pay some attention to your bridging. At first focus on holding a full bridge for 1 minute (if mobility isn’t an issue, I don’t think it will be a problem for you). Eventually, you will want to build up to stand to stand bridges.

    Also, if you haven’t, you should try to develop your single leg squats. Pistol squats and shrimp squats are both excellent leg exercises.

    As for pulling, all of those are great goals. But, honestly I feel like you should either focus on back lever or one arm flex hang rather than front lever or muscle up. This is because the former two will have significant carryover to the latter two, and they are more approachable. You pretty much have to be able to do a muscle up to reap the benefits of training muscle ups. But if you can do a one arm flex hang, you can get scaled benefits of the one arm pull up.

    Lastly, if you can do sets of 5 freestanding handstand push ups, you should do at least 1 workout per week where this exercise is the focus of the workout. Maybe superset it with pullups.



    Thanks robby, as far as handstand go I think the reason I got it so quickly along with the HSPU is because this is what I really wanted to be able to do when I started calisthenics. You know how about 90% of people when they start calisthenics want to learn the muscle up, for me I really didn’t have that desire, my desire was purely the handstand and HSPU so I trained religiously everyday until I got it, as most people would do with the muscle up. As far as my core goes, along with the core workout above, I also do multiple sets of dragon flys hanging leg raises as well as l sit, and v sits, but I reserve these exercise to Saturday. I perform the workout above Monday-Friday and every Saturday when I have some free time I perform dragon flys and l sits/v sits to handstand variation on the parallel bar along with planch push ups. Basically during the week I do my routine and afterward on Monday and Tuesday I practice for my front lever, Wednesday I practice tiger bend and on Thursday and Friday I practice for my muscle up. I think I’ll take your advice and implement the free standing handstand push ups into my routine. Also what do you mean by bridging? My pistol squats are in the works but I’m having a hard time lowering myself down without falling backwards lol, I think I have to either practice them more (I honestly practice them once a week but I work my lower body 3 times a week) or build up more strength in my legs.

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