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    I have been reading all types to increase my pull up from 6 …i cant improve from that…I can do 6, then next rep 5, 5,5

    I now come across a rep pattern…5 Pull up, 4 Chin up, 5 Narrow grip Pull up, 4 Chin up, 3 Pull Up..and then increase rep each day..

    Then also it stops at 6 Pull up. I am doing Australian pull up on some days..

    Could you suggest some rep pattern for I can rotate..I am now doing pull ups 2 times..

    My workout pattern is as follows


    Pull UP, Barbell Deadlift, Body tricep extension, weighted calf raise, Weighted dip Wednesday:

    Hover lunge, Barbell clean and press, Australian pull up, Diamond push up, Drop down bridge


    Weighted push up or Elevated push up, Pull up, One legged butt raise, Burpees, Farmers walk (30 second), Trifecta (Not perfect)


    Elevated Pike Push up, Hand stand hold( 45 second , 2 sets) Self assisted one arm push up, australian pull up, Lunges, One arm Dumbell curl

    Robby Taylor

    Strive for 10 reps. Do as many pull ups as you can then finish the set with slow negatives. Hold a strong contraction at the top of every rep.

    Al Kavadlo
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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