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    tom astill

    hey brothers,

    I’m a beginner in street workout and I’m trying to make my first proper routine which I can follow for some time, I want it to be a pull/push/legs split but I don’t know what will be most effective.

    can someone PLEASE help me design a workout routine for each of these three days?

    I can do: 7-8 pullups, 35 push ups, 12 dips, a ton of squats( around 90), about 10 leg raises( half way) and I cant yet do a freestanding handstand or anything.

    I prefer to do my workouts in cycles/ circles rather than reps for X amount of sets then move on to the next exercise.

    My routine schedule will be:

    mon: pull


    wed: legs

    then repeat and rest on sundays

    it would be awesome if you could create me a workout for these three days in the split- I couldn’t thank you enough actually 🙂


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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