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    Hi all,

    I’ve been working diligently on push ups, pull ups, leg raises, and squats for several months now, and I ‘ve been wanting to start working towards handstands and bridges. The only problem is that my wrists won’t allow me. It’s my right wrist in particular, which can’t take much weight/pressure and gets sore very easily. There seems to be a hard “lump” there–my best guess is it’s a cyst–which is causing the problem. I know that I should see a doctor to check it out, but in the meantime please humour me and answer my question. 🙂

    Push ups don’t cause my any wrist pain as I use push up bars or do knuckle push ups. So I was thinking, why not try using the push up bars when practicing handstands and bridges? Maybe some of the more advanced people here use push up bars when doing handstand push ups to get a little deeper range… But do any of you use push up bars for regular handstand and/or bridge practice? There must be somebody else out there with a weak wrist…? Somebody, anybody? 😛

    For handstands, I guess I’ll have to start with headstands first and work my way up. Doing a tripod headstand might be a bit awkward (getting my knees onto my elbows) as my elbows will be up a bit higher because of the push up bars.

    As for bridges, I’m probably a long ways away from being able to do a full back bridge, so I’ll start with trying to hold straight bridges on the push up bars.

    If any of you have any tips or comments for me about what I should do, it would be much appreciated! Thanks.

    Al Kavadlo

    You shouldn’t have any major issues using the bars for straight bridges. Though like you said, doing a headstand might pose a challenge.

    Just start experimenting for yourself and see what you can do. The best knowledge is self knowledge!


    Thanks for the encouraging reply, Al!

    I think for headstands I might be better off starting with an elbow headstand. It will take some time for me to get comfortable doing headstands – gotta get over that fear of falling over! I’ll also start mixing in more pike push ups, which will hopefully help strengthen my shoulders. And who knows, maybe in a few months time I’ll work up the nerve to try to proper handstand! Slow and steady.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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