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    Would love to hear some critique of my proposed program. I’ve been following convict conditioning for 6 months with excellent results. However, after finding Al Kavadlo’s site excited to take my training to the next level. I’d like to add in Dips, Levers, Australian pull-ups, planks etc.

    Sample 7 day schedule

    – Day 1 Heavy Movement
    ( i.e Single Joint movement, 1 arm pull-ups, pistols or weighted Pull-ups/Dips)
    Target 4-7 reps
    Target 4-5 sets

    – Day 2 Push/Pull Strength training, Uneven or Single arm Push-ups, Inverted/single arm Horizontal Rows. Normal + Side Planks.
    Target 8-10 reps, planks for time
    Target 5-7 sets

    Day 3 Skill Training, Handstands, Front or Back Levers

    Day 4 – REST Day

    Day 5 – Vertical Push Pull Conditioning Training – Pull-ups, Dips, Squats
    Target 12-15 reps
    Target 6-7 sets

    Day 6 – Heavy Movement – Full HSPU,Wall Bridges, Weighted movements.

    Day 7 – REST

    The Idea is that I work out 5 days per week focusing on different movements. Each week the schedule slides 1 day. For example on week 1, 1st heavy day is vertical push pull (pull-ups etc.), second week 1st heavy day is horizontal push pull; (push-ups/rows.)

    7 Day Sliding Schedule
    – 2 Heavy workout days
    – 1 Day Strength Training
    – 1 Day Conditioning
    – 1 Day Skill Training
    – 2 Rest days



    Robby Taylor

    Looks good man, you clearly put a lot of thought into this. The main thing I would say is that it may be difficult to keep up with it for more than a few weeks due to the complexity of the programming. Also I would consider front and back levers to be more strength based and less technique based so I don’t know if you would qualify that as skill work. As for the idea of having a day dedicated to skill work, it would probably be more beneficial to do shorter skill training sessions more frequently, rather than one longer session once a week. I sometimes practice handstands when I get gas, or you can practice during commercial breaks when watching TV. But it is good to set aside a bit more time for that kind of thing. For the sake of argument let’s say you want to do 1 hour of skill training a week. I think you would get better results from practicing for 15 minutes a day after each of your regular workouts (or whenever you want) for 4 days a week rather than 1 hour 1 day a week. Plus that way you’d get another day off. I would also recommend doing bridges more than once a week; bridging exercises are awesome to do anytime; warm up or cool down for a workout, after you wake up, before you go to bed, whenever your back feels stiff at work, whenever! Hell you can just hold a 5 minute bridge and call it a workout on a day you’re feeling lazy!

    Besides that though it looks like you’ve done a good job covering your bases.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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