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    Got boththese books, I’m a beginner in training would it be ok to do a routine one day then another alternating between books

    Robby Taylor

    Sure no problem at all doing that. I personally like doing full body workouts so I do a leg exercise and an upper body pushing movement and upper body pulling movement. This is a little from both books in every workout. At your level I’d also recommend a core specific exercise. But just play around with programming and see what works best for you. I’d recommend a heavy pulling day and a heavy pushing day, something like this:

    Day 1: pull ups, push ups, hanging L leg raise, lunges/split squats/etc.

    Day 2: dips, Australian pull ups, plank/back bridge progression, tuck jump squats

    Consider doing back bridges as part of a warm up or cool down because they’re exceptionally beneficial so it is a great habit to do them often in some form.

    Robby Taylor

    Sure man, handstands can be done every day. The program I laid out is merely a template; feel free to modify it to your specifications.

    J. F. Laino

    my routine: A, B, C

    Pull up 5×5
    Back lever 3×10-20s
    Front lever 3×10-20s
    Pistol 5×5
    Sissy squat 5×5
    One arm flex hang 1+ sec (opc.)

    1.arm 1.leg push up 5×5
    Plyo push up (or 1 arm) 5×5
    Bar dip 5×5
    Leg raises 5×5
    L-sit 3x30s

    Handstand 5×5
    Headstand (2×10)
    Wall crawl 3×5
    1leg y/o 1hnd brdge c/u 3x10s
    Sngle leg calf raise 2×45

    2 weeks strenght, 1 week hypertroph, 1 week 60% volume

    J. F. Laino

    what think about my workout?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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