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    Hello, I started doing CC and eating real food. I lost 20kg /40 pounds (still need lost some kgs) and made some progres with calisthenics. I am on third step with leg raises and squats, second step on push ups but my pullups kinda not working. I can do first step whole day, but second step (australian pull ups) is so much harder, cant do 10 propper reps even with bent knees and underhand grip. Also my forearms getting fatigue fast when Im trying to do these pull ups and maybe shoulders too, but no that much.

    I have something like gymnastic rings but instead of rings I have bar on ropes (I have also normal bar) so I can make almost any angle for australian pull ups and I can work out my forearms for endurance and lost rest of the weight I need and now I probably answer myself but Im kinda desperate and I think that Im doin something wrong so im asking u guys if u can help me somehow with pull up progresion. Are there any other excersises or what should I do?

    Thanks for any answers.


    I think Australian pull-ups arguably could be dealt with as a completely separate progression series to pull-ups, for many people they are inappropriate cast as step 2. I also found step 1 way way too easy and useless as any kind of prep for step 2. You said you’ve got adjustable rings, so you need to play with the angles (standing almost) until you find one where you’re able to get only several good form reps out and then work from there to lower your upper body. Alternatively find something to place under the bar and rest your lower body on that so you only pull upper body. Practising dead hangs should help your grip.


    Thank you guys. I try train nervous system every day as u mentioned and than I will start playing with angles and hopefully make some progress 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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