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    Hi there! I’m looking for a little advice

    I’ve been following Coach Wade’s New Blood routine from Convict Conditioning now for 30 weeks. The trouble I’m having with it is am I working out enough? The routine is only 2 days a week and the book says to do your time and don’t progress to a 3 day routine until you hit the 6th progression for each exercise.

    I’ve read pushing the limits, C-Mass and CC2 so I’m kinda chomping at the bit to get into some more exercises. I’m having the guilts though because Paul makes emphasis throughout the book to not rush ahead prematurely and risk ruining your gains.

    Anyone got any advice? Thanks for your time.


    Robby Taylor

    It’s all good man, you don’t have to follow CC to the letter. I actually don’t care for a lot of the progressions within that particular book, and would instead point you to the progressions found in Al’s books. Also, yeah feel free to add a 3rd day. While what Coach Wade says about progressing slowly to maximize gains is valid, it’s not the only way. You can continue doing the easier stuff but you can also skip ahead to harder stuff, more workouts, etc, as long as you take care to not injure yourself. Push the limits, just don’t break them. If you feel like you’re ready, then you probably are.


    Awesome. Thanks for the advice. Time to get into Al’s progressions big time.



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