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    i love cardio and have no belly fat i started bodyweight training a few months ago and want some good ab workouts.there is lots of apps out there with ab workouts but there a mix of 5 to 10 different exercises that take too much time.i have a busy life and need a couple core ab exercises that will give me a good short but tough workout 🙂


    Do straight leg lifts, hanging if you have access to a bar or lying down (make sure the small of your back stays on the ground) if you don’t. If you can do them with your legs straight start with bent knees and straighten them as you improved. Build up to 3 sets of 20 reps three times a week and you’ll have strong abs.

    If you want to add to that then do planks and side planks as well. One minute in a regular plank followed by one minute on each side is a good start and if you have it in you go back to the regular plank and hold to failure.

    Robby Taylor

    Liam’s advice is solid, however in my opinion the gold standard for abdominal exercises is the L sit. Granted it is substantially harder than anything else mentioned here and it will take some work just to do, once you can do it it is a simple matter to get a great abdominal workout by doing a grease the groove approach of multiple 10-20 second L sits throughout the day. About a year ago I would do this in conjunction with pistol squats at work that way I could focus totally on upper body in my main workouts.


    Haha something that wouldn’t have come straight to mind for me because I can’t do one yet. Working on it though!

    Al Kavadlo

    Check out this post I did a while back on my favorite abs exercises.


    Firstly, a flat tummy is made in the kitchen primarily. You have to watch what you eat to get a decent stomach. The exercises will just add the tone.

    With the planks just try and add five seconds each time you do it.

    Build up your reps with hanging knee raises. If you’re doing 5 reps do at least 3 sets with a short break in between each set. After that do one last set but just raise one knee at a time.

    With the L hang hold the knees up position and extend your legs out to the 45 degree angle. Just work on holding it for time. When you get better you’ll be able to raise it higher.

    You can get really toned abs using just one ab exercise but if you’re doing squats, pull ups and push ups as well then these are all additional ab exercises. Concentrate on engaging your abs and lower back in all of these exercises.


    We should try and go beyond what is effective to what is optimal. Why spend a lifetime doing 10+ exercises when we can get the same benefit from doing 2 – 3 harder movements that actually test us? If you’re doing hanging or lying leg raises, planks and side planks along with L sits you simply won’t need the other stuff. And definitely ditch the crunches. Unless you basically have no ab conditioning at all they are pretty useless.

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