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    I’m a novice, can do around 3 x 3 chin-ups.

    Working long hours, leave the house at 07:30 and arrive home at 21:00.

    Office/computer work, sitting all the time.

    Do you suggest working out before work or at night? Or both?

    I’ll also squeeze in another question here:

    What is the sign of an effective workout:

    A. some faster heartbeat, maybe some minimal sweat

    B. decent sweat

    C. the more sweat the better, max. exhaustion




    Al Kavadlo

    I actually did a blog post on this topic a long time ago! Check it out:

    As for the other question, I say aim for option B.


    I have to say nice article. To the OP, you are over thinking it. Make a routine with a specific goal in mind, then find what you respond best with. Me personally I prefer first thing in the morning after my body wakes up. Every time I tried after work for reasons in the article and other it never worked. But everyone is different in many ways.


    So to conclude, take a workout, and find what works best for you and don’t over think it. Just do it…it’s really that simple.


    If you want to discuss this further you can find me on

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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