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    I Have a question regarding those two excercises. Right now i do lot of push ups and it is recommended to do australian pull ups along side with them (to avoid push pattern overload). To get to the point, right now i am able to do 1-2 proper pull ups, should i rather focus on those instead of australian varation (is it proper substitute, will i miss on anything, mainly in avoiding the pattern overload)? Main motivation behind this question is desire to gain strength, and i am not sure if it would be wise to skip right on the regular pull ups and get stronger in shorter period of time, and then just do australian pull ups for diversity.

    tl;dr: Are regular pull ups as good as australian ones in avoiding pattern overload:)

    P.S. Not native speaker, sorry for mistakes if any

    Al Kavadlo

    I would continue to work your Aussie pull-ups while slowly adding some more full pull-ups into your routine. Both are important movement patterns. I still do plenty of Aussies!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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