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    I haven’t posted in about 2 years as I have had some health issues: physically, I have been overweight, had arthritis as well as being overweight and drinking too much. I have also suffered severe bouts of depression which led to me having my neck on a railway line (thanks to the British rail network for the delays!). However, I want to get back into shape, and this is my plan (once my broken wrist heals anyway): Over the course of a month, build up to doing 500 pushups, 100 pullups, 500 squats, 250 leg raises & 200 burpees every-other day. In between, I plan on doing 500 jumping jacks, 100 (28kg) Kb swings and bridging (both full and wrestlers’ bridge). Can anyone think of anything I have left out? I know it sounds like a lot, but I don’t like to do things the easy way and I tend to go balls to the wall when I do something.


    Also, if someone is willing to kick my arse (figuratively) to push me when I feel like quitting, that would be awesome.




    Hi Jim! I’m new to the forums and just started calisthenics. I’m big into CrossFit however so pretty fit. Now just determined to master my body! 😉

    Best of luck on your journey back to optimal health and strength! My 2 cents – start smaller and make progress. Set goals you KNOW you can achieve right off the bat. This will motivate you to stay on track of course improve your fitness!

    So, break it down to daily goals. 20, 30 reps of a movement. Get it done and check it off in your workout diary. Consider your wrist and work around it – so squats, leg raises, core work, planks are all good game.

    And get your nutrition dialed in. If you’d like some help with this I’m happy to do a complimentary call with you to help you identify some of your limiting factors.

    Good luck Jim!


    Hi Mark, thanks for the encouragement. I know my goals seem extreme and probably unrealistic and I may not hit the mark I’ve set for all exercises . However, I need to push hard to completely change my habits at the minute or I get laxed and don’t bother (a personality defect, I know).

    My plan is to break all of the reps down into workable sets (e.g. 10 sets of 50 pushups) with goals for each day, as you suggested. I know I have to fuel my body properly, which will include lots and lots of fruit and veg, whilst cutting out the alcohol and processed crap that I’ve been eating and increasing my protein intake. I may take you up on your offer (although it will be in the new year), if that’s alright?

    As you can see from my profile picture, I look pregnant, and really need to change the way I look and feel physically so that I am better off mentally.




    Remember too that over this period tempation is knocking on your door all the time, and with all the social gatherings it’s going to be tough to stay on course. Be aware of this, and welcome the challenge. Get clear on what you want and WHY – keep that close and when you feel you’re heading off course whip out your motivation and do 10 push ups!

    Chaning your diet is going to have th ebiggest impact on how you feel right now – focus on real food and remmeber YOU DECIDE what goes into your mouth. Stand up for what you want and you will overcome any obstacle. I look forward to connecting in the new year Jim, good luck over this festive season and train well!

    Al Kavadlo

    Welcome back, Jim! We’re Working Out!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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