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    I want an opinion on my Ab work out. I have two days, One day the pushing muscles and the other day the pulling muscles. So the day I do push, I do a bit of cardio, very fast fall down burpees to some jumping jacks and side jumps and then on to the abs.

    First thing is a circuit : a set of moutain climbers, followed by a set of medecine ball toe touches, then a set of X plank, followed by a set of crossover crunch, followed by again moutain climbers and finally a set of bicycle crunches. This is done whitout a break, I repeat this circuit 5 times. After wards i do a hold on a chair and max out on side planks and one arm planks.

    For the second day, more focus towards the lower abs. Trifecta, so a set of pulse ups, a set of reverse crunches into a v hold. I repeat this 5 times again. I go out to the pull up bar after, where In between Pull Up and Chin up sets I do lateral knee raises and hanging leg raises. Im going to start practicing the L hold a dip bar. The other more advanced ab exercises are well too advance for me, flag for example and etc.

    Do you think the exercises I do apart those done on the bars are good? Keep in mind I do have a 6 pack, but i would like a bit more mass on them and relief.

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