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    Hi everybody,

    I have a question concerning abs.

    I split them in two days, on the days i do pull (Pullups,chin ups, body rows,etc) and jogging i add some hanging abs exercises, such as hanging knee raise, hanging side knee raise, hanging tucked wipers, practice of L hangs, L Kick outs and etc.

    On the push day which i supplement with hiit Burpee Push ups or Mountain Climbers to a few minutes of jumping jacks to cool down, i do the following circuits 3 times each : Lalanne position Plank-Reverse Crunch-Star Plank- Medecinme ball crunch (danny Kavadlo style)-30 sec on each foot (rotated) elbow plank-Crossover Leg Raise- Star Plank

    The second circuit is Spider crawls – Side Plank – Spider Crawls- Side Plank – Russian twist.

    I do some one hand strecthed push up position planks too.

    So fro mwhat i understand to gain maximum definition and strentght and mass in the abs and obliques area, i should train them every 2nd day and not every day. Thing is things like Star Plank, Lalanne Plank, One Hand Plank, Side Plank, they all end up working a bit of the upper body, not only the core.

    Now I certainly do not want to end up working my triceps and pecs everyday. Because my idea was to put the Ab circuits with the pull programm, but that way i am workign that muscle group everyday.

    What would you suggest? And I want to keep doing my planks, it helps my back aswell. I love hanging exercises HLR for example but they aint enough for me.


    Hey Robby,

    Thank you for the reply !

    I know I do alot of ab exercises, but they are my weak point. I need to train them frequently and alot to barely see my six pack. Its quite frustrating, I started doing pull ups and chin ups 2 motnhs ago and i put on 5 lbs of mass on my back and biceps simply by eating a bit more protein and good carbs.

    I get your point about harder stuff like the front lever requiring alot of strentgh just to hold it, but I can barely hold a tucked FL for more then a few seconds. And I do not feel my abs engaging. I understand your point though, with the muscle up example and I agree but I am so far from there.

    Alot of articles out there are very flawed and full of misinformation. I take everything with a grain of salt, and use what works best for me. I used to loads of sit up variations and crunches, now i do only 2-3 in a circuit, my primary focus for abs switched to hanging exercises and planks because it works alot better for me.

    What would be the best exercises I could keep doing at my level?

    Also, will doing planks interfer with the pecs/triceps/deltoid training?


    Robby Taylor

    I think hanging leg raises and planks are generally the best exercises you can do at your level. For the time being focus on developing a full range straight legged hanging leg raise and an L sit either on the floor or parallel bars.

    No you will be fine doing planks they won’t interfere. L sits though will tax your triceps and shoulders.


    Hey thank you for your input,

    I will do hanging exercises and planks on the same day, and practice l hang and l sits twice a week. I can hold an l hang, but not an l sit. What is your opinion on l hangs ?

    I can do a few L raises, but i get less swinging with knee raises. What could help with the development of this exercise ?

    Robby Taylor

    An L hang is still a worthwhile exercise, as it is essentially an isometric version of the hanging leg raise. As for the hanging leg raises, you need to stabilize your hips from swinging. When you raise your legs up, try to keep your hips from moving forward. When you get to the L position, pause in this position if you need to in order to stop any excess movement. Once you are still, lower your legs back down with control. With practice, you will be able to do these steady straight leg L raises with more precision. Once you can comfortably do that, you can start working on the full hanging leg raise. From the hanging L, tuck your knees to your chest, bring your hips up as you lean back and unfold your legs so that they are pointing up and your shins are against the pull up bar. From here, slowly lower down to the L then to the dead hang. Over time, you will be able to straighten your legs out and go directly from the L to the top position.


    I try to do the hanging leg raises very slow and not use momentum. At the moment i can do like 3-4 with knees a bit bent, not completely straight. I can Kick into the L hang and hold it though.

    Thank you for the tip on perfecting leg raises, sounds pretty logical to me, i’ll follow this progression. Hopefully soon i’ll be able to do toes to bar !

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