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    I have a question…I’m a little confused about the schedules Paul recommends at the end of the book…Is the practitioner only supposed to abide by those schedules (New Blood, Good Behavior,Veterano ETC) once they have mastered each of the Big Six exercises ? Or should I be doing these exercise schedules right along ? I do all the a progressions for all the Big Six every day…I’m confused…Should I be going by His recommended schedules regardless of whether I have mastered the exercises in their final progression stage ? I would appreciate any input I could get on this thanks….

    Robby Taylor

    I’d have to check the book again to say how strictly the schedules are suggested to be followed, however it is worth mentioning that everything in the book is a suggestion. There are many ways to work your way up to the master steps of the big 6. I can do 3/6 master steps and for all 3 I used different assistance exercises to build up to them than the ones in the book. For the other 2 that I believe I will be able to build up to, I expect this trend to continue.

    Use the book as a reference, but as any other resource, it is simply one of many from which I would encourage you to draw your information in designing your training regimen.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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