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    I would like to share this:

    First of all, I must say that I can currently do Pistols , but I decided to try Uneven Squats in order to improve my form and make it more solid. Not using a basketball but stable objects like stairs, gym steps, …

    At first, I wasn’t able to perform a single one by the book, but I found isometric holds in the bottom position extremely valuable, although very hard. Whenever I did these, my pistols improved in the next sessions (better form, more reps, easier reps)

    However, I got frustrated when I tried full Uneven Squats. Sometimes I managed a controlled negative, but it was impossible to go up with the resting foot on an elevation. I kept falling backwards.

    But then, I applied a tip that has been given many times with regard to pistols: to hold the foot of my resting leg in my hand. If the squatting leg was the right one, I grabbed my left foot with my left hand.

    Suddenly, Uneven squats got much easier, way easier than Pistols. A true step 7, not the pain in the ass and the more-difficult-than -the-pistol drill that has been for so some of us, CC practicioners.

    I haven’t used basketballs yet, but this morning I did 45 with each leg in half an hour, combining them with jogging. They were full ROM, controlled, ass-to-grass and with the foot of the non working leg on an elevation that was maybe two or three inches higher than a basketball

    Can this variation be considered a true Uneven Squat?. Is it cheating? Hasn’t any of you tried it?

    The point is that, on the one hand, THIS Uneven Squat is easier than a Pistol, and, on the other hand, it is much more difficult than two legged variations. Furthermore, after some sessions doing them, my Pistols get easier.


    I insist you read the ‘Convict Conditioning Super F.A.Q’ book . It has detailed answer on uneven squats and also the other contradictory things like high reps , slow tempo etc.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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